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Introducing Our New Initiative

You can elevate compliance and engagement in your organization — and enlist a creative and loyal workforce — by including and effectively engaging those who think differently. This is called neuroinclusion, and it begins with leaders like you.

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Some 20% of the Workforce is Neurodivergent

Can you afford to miss the mark with that much of your team?

If you’re not focusing on neuroinclusion, then your compliance and HR efforts — your critical messaging — are missing the target at least one-fifth of the time. Let LeadGood help your aim.

Neurodivergent individuals receive and process information differently, so typical corporate training and management techniques — like text-based policies, emotive videos, lengthy courseware, and rushed instructions — will often be ineffective. This disconnect has nothing to do with the intelligence, knowledge, or ability of these teammates.

To effectively manage neurodivergent workers, HR, Compliance, and other leaders must be aware of the unique characteristics of this population and employ strategies to effectively include, support, and engage them.

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"Good for All, Critical for Some"

At last, there's more being said about neurodivergence. LeadGood is focusing on neurodiversity in the workplace, and helping compliance and HR teams apply best practices to truly engage the entire workforce without undue effort.

Let LeadGood show you how neuROInclusion can:

→ Protect your organization
→ Foster its culture
→ Support ESG and DEI initiatives
→ Help every member of your team contribute and thrive

Leadgood Education Can Help

We provide services that help HR and compliance teams, and corporate managers and leaders 

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Is your organization neuro-inclusive?

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