Golden rule management ala Berkun

Really nice exposition of management by the Golden and Silver Rules, by consultant and author Scott Berkun.

In fact, the old Rule gets an explicit mention in #7 of Berkun’s “Top Ten Reasons Managers Become Great.

“Practice of the golden rule.  It’s funny how well known this little gem is, and rare in life people follow it. But I think anyone in power who believes in it, and treats all of their employees the same way they truly would want to be treated, or even better, treats employees as they actually want to be treated, will always be a decent, above average manager. A deeply moral person can’t help but do better than most people, as treating people with respect, honesty and trust are the 3 things I suspect most people wish they could get from their bosses.”

Other reasons he lists: great managers “Enjoy Helping People Grow” and (speaking of ethics) and “Instrinctively correct[] bad behavior within their own team.”

And thanks to my son Rob for referring Scott’s post to me.


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