You Better Get Ready

It’s not as lofty as my last post, but there is another enormous leadership message in this weekend’s events in Iran: as Andrew Sullivan so deftly puts it, “The Revolution Will Be Twittered.” Millenials took what oldsters think of as a plaything of a communications medium, and Carpe Diem! So Sullivan concludes:

That a new information technology could be improvised for this purpose so swiftly is a sign of the times. It reveals in Iran what the Obama campaign revealed in the United States. You cannot stop people any longer. You cannot control them any longer. They can bypass your established media; they can broadcast to one another; they can organize as never before.

Which, in a sign of the bizarre things that the human mind can do, suddenly made me hear a management and HR warning in a harmless offering from The Monkees, from my own revolutionary youth — something I never thought would be deep.

We’re the young generation/and we got something to say

So you’d better get ready/we may be comin to your town.


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