Ethics Madness 2022!

I hereby swear and affirm, with actual knowledge of penalties for perjury, that we are in the midst of the best week of sports on the annual calendar. The NCAA men’s and women’s Final Fours. The Masters golf tournament. The end of the NBA regular season. The opening of the baseball season. (Slap, I even skipped the Oscars to watch the Saudi Grand Prix on DVR.)

So if you are a compliance educator/junkie, and a rabid sports fan, where does your mind go while watching all this wonder? That’s “Ethics Madness!

#EthicsMadness was born about 10 years ago, when LeadGood was young and I was searching for a professional excuse to spend a business afternoon watching the first-round games of March Madness. The idea: get some compliance buddies together and conduct a live blog during the games, where we could talk shop and talk hoop, commenting on the conduct of the games as frequently as we commented on the unfortunate cultural messages being sent by commercials and errant sports organizations.

For 2022, #EthicsMadness has moved to the podcast format and is the setting for a special “crossover“ episode of The Eight Mindsets podcast and the podcast “Greetings and Felicitations,“ a title hosted by Tom Fox through his well-known Compliance Podcast Network. We have recorded it, and posted it, and IMHO I think it’s a lot of fun.

In the podcast, Tom and I discuss the ethics and compliance takeaways from recent events in sports such as:

  • The debacle that was the ending of last year‘s Formula One season (procedural justice)
  • Russian figure skating in the international Olympic committee (Organizational reputation)
  • Women’s March Madness (gender equity and DEI)
  • Juwan Howard and the punch heard round the Big Ten (appropriate sanctioning and culture-building rituals)

Now join the madness! Check it out wherever you hear your podcasts.

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