Fostering Ethical Conduct Through Psychological Safety

How psychologically safe are you? 

Improving compliance in the workplace by fostering a healthy speak-up culture is paramount to the success of a company. 

It boils down to one question: Do you feel safe? It’s no secret we don’t feel comfortable speaking up, though we might not realize the psychological forces behind this fear.

A new MIT Sloan study offers new insights about the significant psychological safety concerns in the workplace.

According to the study, it’s important to measure your employees’ psychological safety to avoid a “silent majority” – that is all dwelling on a problem, but not talking about it. Avoiding that “elephant in the room” is one way to curb unethical workplace practices and encourage a speak-up culture.

The study’s insight aligns with our article in CEP Magazine—it’s all about reporting. The sooner psychological safety needs are met, the more comfortable employees will feel making reports. 

Cowritten with Amy McDougal for the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics, the article details several practical approaches we’ve used for clients, which succeeded at increasing psychological safety, and with it, the quality of speak-up culture. 

Please contact us at LeadGood Education if you’re interested in a training program that truly encourages a speak-up culture.



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