The Eight Mindsets Echoed by Compliance Leaders

It’s nice to see the Eight Mindsets being echoed by other leaders in compliance. Take this article from Compliance Week and the ICA for example, which recognizes the need to rethink compliance by infusing best practices from marketing, education, and writing.

As one can clearly see from these studies, simple changes to single words and phrases can wholly transform outcomes and, hopefully, improve compliance. That’s a big reason we “sweat the small stuff” here.    

How do we do that? By paying special attention to every last nuance of our messaging and tailoring it to the intended audience by utilizing key mindsets. Words – the smallest atom in messaging – matter greatly.

For me and my companies, this is a core value. Whether we’re crafting compliance courseware, an investigatory report, or a business contract, we try to sweat every detail with the audience in mind. Our goal is crackling good writing, and often it’s our strongest weapon. 

From the mindset of the marketer, using proven advertising and communication techniques and refining through rigorous analysis, to the mindset of the learner, which puts behavior-changing “people like you and me” above confusing legalese – These trending fresh spins on risk and compliance make anyone’s ethics and compliance messaging more successful.

In short, we put more thought into who our audiences are. Because without them, there would be no one to teach.



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