Train Your Teams Before Investing in Tech

Before spending money on new technology solutions, double down on training your teams, so you can get the most from the tech capabilities you already paid for!

This great tip comes from this episode of the always excellent 21 Hats podcast with Loren Feldman and Gene Marks: 

For that kind of effective tech and #software training, we’d suggest starting with our neighbor BJ Kennedy at Premiere Training.

However, this same principle can be applied to ethics and compliance. Before you spend money on new policies, or a new Code, or a tech platform, it’s important to ask: 

“Am I really educating my teams effectively about the compliance tools we have in place already? Does our training and communication truly speak to the user’s needs and perspectives?”

Take reporting and speaking up as an example:

  • Do your communications explain how reports to your hotline are truly anonymous and safe?
  • Are you repeatedly reminding your teams that the hotline is only one available avenue for reporting?
  • Are you specifically training your middle managers on how to handle the stress of unexpected reports, and how to greet those who speak up with grace and gratitude?

If you want to answer those questions with a “yes,” we’d love to talk to you.

Listen to the 21 Hats Podcast to learn more about this principle. 



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