Mindset Matters Most

Mindset Matters Most at SCCE’s Upcoming Virtual Conference

Learn How to Successfully Engage Your Audience by Thinking with an Entrepreneurial Mindset

LEadGood Education is proud to be presenting at the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE)’s virtual conference on Compliance in Smaller Organizations!


Our thesis is that, when it comes to success in engaging an audience and elevating behavior, mindset matters most.

And while that’s a critical truth for all organizations, it’s especially potent in smaller organizations. Indeed, compliance efforts in SMBs often have the power to educate more effectively than big businesses with bigger budgets and more advanced technology because the right entrepreneurial mindset is the real key to engagement.

In fact, there are eight of these mindsets, and knowing how to use them is the key to successful ethics and compliance training.

Presentation Details

Jason Meyer of LeadGood Education and Rebecca Wellum of GEOTAB’s presentation “The Entrepreneurial Mindsets of Ethics and Compliance Leadership” is sure to empower all compliance professionals to DIY, educate, and communicate more effectively while spending less.

The presentation takes place July 20th from 12:45 – 1:45 at SCCE’s Virtual Conference, Compliance in Small Organizations. Register today!



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