Jason Meyer on Neurodiversity: Featured on the Compliance Perspectives Podcast

When it comes to neurodiversity in the workplace, park your preconceived notions at the door.

We are thrilled to share that LeadGood Education founder Jason Meyer is featured in the latest episode of Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE)’s Compliance Perspectives Podcast. He sits down with host and colleague Adam Turteltaub CCEP, CHC to discuss compliance, neuro-inclusion, and the risks for organizations that fail to understand and embrace the learning differences experienced by approximately 20% of the workforce.

It is our hope that more discussions like this will lead to greater empathy, kindness, and recognition of neurodivergence – and more action taken by leaders to inspire a neuro-inclusive workforce.

Listen here or find Compliance Perspectives anywhere you get your podcasts!

If your organization needs help recognizing and implementing the strategies discussed in this podcast, LeadGood Education can help! It all starts with a conversation – reach out to begin yours.



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