Welcome to Ethics Madness 2024

We love sports not just for the excitement and athleticism, and for more than the tribal rituals. Sports also offers a microcosm, a shared experience from which we can take lessons about life, leadership, and even business.

That’s the root idea of “Ethics Madness”: a yearly romp that explores the intersection of ethics and sports, and draws parallels between sports and compliance, HR, risk management, and business leadership. (And for us, it’s also an excuse to obsess over the NCAA basketball championships and call it “work”!)

As part of the Eight Mindsets podcast series, Ethics Madness 2024 is hosted by Jason Meyer of LeadGood Education and Tom Fox of the Compliance Podcast Network. New this year, the podcast special follows the “Pardon the Interruption”  format in which Jason and Tom have a limited amount of time to talk about a particular topic before the buzzer sounds and they go on to the next one. Mayhem ensues… at least as much mayhem as you might get from two compliance-minded, sports-junkie lawyers. 

The two cover a wide variety of topics relating major sports events to ethics, entrepreneurship and leadership challenges, including:

Evolution of NCAA’s NIL Policy: In the first section of Ethics Madness 2024, Jason and Tom discuss the Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) changes in college sports, allowing athletes to be compensated. Is it all good, or are there risks akin to unfair business practices like bribery?

NCAA and Transfer Portal Dynamics: In another section related to March Madness, the introduction of the transfer portal and NIL deals is likened to changes in business, emphasizing adaptation to new dynamics and generational shifts in the workplace.

PGA Tour and LIV Golf Dispute: Next, the pair move from basketball to golf to discuss the controversy around the PGA Tour’s settlement with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf, without consulting its players. Jason and Tom point to the importance of leadership and member communication in any organization – highlighting a situation in which “tone at the top” doesn’t work and how to best respond.

Sports Betting and Integrity: Jason and Tom discuss the proliferation of sports betting and its potential impact on game integrity and compliance. They recognize the parallels with this current cultural phenomenon and corporate challenges in managing risks and ensuring transparency.

Athletes and Mental Health: The hosts highlight athletes speaking openly about mental health and neurodiversity, advocating for awareness and acceptance in all sectors.

“One Slimy Moment”: Tom and Jason offer their picks oftalk about the past year’s “slimy” moments in sports, where ethics most seemed to fly out the window. Instances of misconduct and the importance of cultural integrity within sports organizations, such as Northwestern’s football hazing scandal and the conduct of Spanish Soccer’s Luis Rubiales’, underline the broader theme of ethical leadership and accountability.

Entrepreneurial Mindset in Sports: As a callback to the concept of the Eight Mindsets, Tom and Jason take inspiration  from sports highlights where innovation, adaptability, and risk-taking drove the success of Travis Kelce and Caitlin Clark. This discussion then ties back to the relevance of these traits in effective compliance and leadership.

Celebration of Positive Role Models: Athletes using their platform for positive change, such as advocacy for neurodiversity, are celebrated as exemplars for leaders in all fields.

Thank you to everyone who joined in on Ethics Madness this year!

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About the Eight Mindsets:

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Welcome to Ethics Madness 2024

We love sports not just for the excitement and athleticism, and for more than the tribal rituals. Sports also offers a microcosm, a shared experience