Nicole Rose

woman with hair pulled back, smiling

professional partner

Nicole blends more than 25 years of experience as a lawyer, risk and compliance professional, author, artist, and training specialist. She supports in-house compliance and legal teams to produce engaging courses and workshops, helping them to build and maintain a culture of compliance. She designs and implements risk, compliance, ESG, governance, and legal frameworks, and leads transformational change projects.

Nicole is also the creator of The RPP Method.™ Its mission is to empower professionals to use their existing creative assets to rejuvenate ineffective training and produce the effective transfer of their knowledge to others in a way that is engaging and meaningful.

Nicole is a powerhouse of ideas, and brings her unique creativity and innovative eye to the educational experiences that LeadGood Education makes for our clients.

Fun Fact: Nicole and Jason met at SCCE in 2014, and first teamed up to create unique courseware for LeadGood’s client NACD. Nicole and Jason have now crystalized their approach into the Eight Mindsets Framework of compliance leadership -- the namesake for the Eight Mindsets Podcast they co-host.