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Does your business or nonprofit need compliance education that’s a better fit AND a better value? Ethics and compliance training and communications from LeadGood Education, catered to your organization, elevates behavior, encourages reporting, and truly engages your audience.

communicate compliance to your stakeholders with a human touch

Since LeadGood is a boutique compliance and ethics consulting company, we take the time to sweat the details that fit your culture, your content, and your people — choosing language carefully and focusing on your audience’s unique nuances to generate engagement and understanding that technology can’t match.

bespoke training focuses on your employees and celebrates their wins

LeadGood’s approach to business and non-profit training begins with your audience, with a laser focus on tailored messaging they’ll care about. While other compliance training programs focus on the negative impact of bad behavior, we elevate behavior by focusing on positivity, like the benefits of internal reporting.

harness the power of the eight mindsets to improve the salience of your compliance and ethics training

Improve the salience, engagement, and relevance of your business’s compliance education, no matter the audience or constraints. From the mindset of the entrepreneur to the mindset of the marketer, Leadgood applies Eight Mindsets of effective ethics and compliance leadership, keeping the learner foremost in our work. Learn more about the Eight Mindsets framework by clicking here.

what makes us different?


Organizations need compliance training and ethical leadership that moves hearts and minds and changes behavior. LeadGood Education delivers content that connects.


When it comes to value and impact, our entrepreneurial approach will make a significant difference for your organization.


Leverage our deep experience in compliance leadership and education, governance and operations, law, and EdTech.

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Reach out and let’s schedule time to talk about your organization, your needs, and how you can ‘lead good.’