Zenira Business Intelligence Announces Formation of Pioneering Alliance

In a significant move that underscores the power of strategic collaboration and ethical business practices, five internationally recognised consultancies known for their leadership in using ethics and compliance to propel business growth have formed the Zenira Business Intelligence Alliance.  The spark that gave birth to this groundbreaking initiative was an urgent request by an African […]

Watch the Ethics Madness 2023 Podcast Here!

Lead Good Education Ethic Madness

Welcome to Ethics Madness 2023 Ethics Madness is back, baby! Welcome to the 2023 edition of Jason Meyer’s nearly-annual exploration of the intersection of ethics and sports, in celebration of the NCAA basketball championships.  This year, Jason is joined again by Tom Fox, the Texas-based FCPA guru and “The Voice of Compliance,” for this special […]

The Quiet Struggle of Veterans

Who is quietly struggling, or sinking, among your teams — and as a ethics and compliance leader, what are you going to do about it? This LinkedIn post, penned and shared by our teammate Amy McDougal gave us fresh insight into the unabated pain of many in our midst — veterans and others — who […]

In Compliance Messaging, Let’s Accentuate the Positive

The mindset of the entrepreneur is optimism. Entrepreneurs truly seek out the opportunity in every challenge and obstacle. I saw the pandemic prompt so many clients and other entrepreneurs work eagerly to answer the following question: “Well this sucks — how do I make money from it?!” There’s much to be won by applying the […]

The Legacy of Masters

Today is the 21st anniversary of Tiger Woods’ 2001 win at the Masters. Which means today I also mark the 21st anniversary of my father’s death. Sylvan H. Meyer actually died on April 8, 2001, but to us his Yahrzeit is Masters Sunday, because Dad passed in his Georgia mountain home just an hour after […]

Ethics Madness 2022!

I hereby swear and affirm, with actual knowledge of penalties for perjury, that we are in the midst of the best week of sports on the annual calendar. The NCAA men’s and women’s Final Fours. The Masters golf tournament. The end of the NBA regular season. The opening of the baseball season. (Slap, I even […]

Article: Training And Communications That Encourage Reporting

For years, LeadGood has broken new ground on training and communications that moves the needle on reporting. Our bespoke courses, innovative approaches and hands-on consulting have helped many organizations and leaders — from the Fortune 100 to government to education — effectively foster a speak-up culture. This new article by LeadGood President Jason Meyer and Amy McDougal, JD, […]

Virtually excited for the 2020 Compliance and Ethics Institute

This week – Sept. 14-16 — Is the annual Compliance and Ethics Institute sponsored by the Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE), of which I am a proud member. I been on the faculty of the Institute for each of the last seven years, and I am not about to miss the #CEI this […]