Jason Meyer on Neurodiversity: Featured on the Compliance Perspectives Podcast

When it comes to neurodiversity in the workplace, park your preconceived notions at the door. We are thrilled to share that LeadGood Education founder Jason Meyer is featured in the latest episode of Society of Corporate Compliance and Ethics (SCCE)’s Compliance Perspectives Podcast. He sits down with host and colleague Adam Turteltaub CCEP, CHC to discuss compliance, neuro-inclusion, and the risks […]

5 Steps to Begin Your Organization’s Journey to Neuroinclusion

woman looking at post it notes

At last, there’s more being said about neurodiversity and neuroinclusion in the workplace.  More and more teams and managers are actively striving to enhance their awareness of the distinctive needs of neurodivergent employees to foster neuroinclusion in the workplace. Leaders are seeking to gain a deeper understanding of the typical traits associated with this fifth […]

A Personal Letter from LeadGood Founder Jason Meyer

I know a young man whose actions and intentions have been misinterpreted for most of his life. “I don’t think he’s paying much attention,” people often said, “While I was presenting, he was looking off into space and he never took a single note.” Actually, he was paying attention quite well. Because of the way […]

Train Your Teams Before Investing in Tech

Before spending money on new technology solutions, double down on training your teams, so you can get the most from the tech capabilities you already paid for! This great tip comes from this episode of the always excellent 21 Hats podcast with Loren Feldman and Gene Marks:  For that kind of effective tech and #software […]

The Eight Mindsets Echoed by Compliance Leaders

It’s nice to see the Eight Mindsets being echoed by other leaders in compliance. Take this article from Compliance Week and the ICA for example, which recognizes the need to rethink compliance by infusing best practices from marketing, education, and writing. As one can clearly see from these studies, simple changes to single words and […]

Fostering Ethical Conduct Through Psychological Safety

How psychologically safe are you?  Improving compliance in the workplace by fostering a healthy speak-up culture is paramount to the success of a company.  It boils down to one question: Do you feel safe? It’s no secret we don’t feel comfortable speaking up, though we might not realize the psychological forces behind this fear. A […]