education sector

The simple fact is that educators are prone to misconduct for unique and often not malicious reasons. Risks arise especially when educators perceive that “the rules” are not in the best interests of their students. Addressing that risk of misconduct requires different language and a different approach than a warmed-over course from the corporate world. LeadGood’s expertise, which comes from decades of experience in the education sector, speaks your language and empowers educators.

personalized attention to your unique stakeholders

A successful educational environment involves cooperation among unique stakeholders, including faculty, staff, administrators, students, and parents — all while complying with levels of government regulations. Whether conducting an investigation, crafting courseware, or consulting with leadership, LeadGood understands this inherent set of challenges and works to guarantee each sides’ needs are considered to maximize synergy within your institution.

sensitive workplace investigations

LeadGood takes into account the unique ethos of educators and the real-world challenges of staff and administration to conduct workplace investigations that strengthen your team’s compliance and community culture. We understand the independent realms of each stakeholder and hold their rights in high regard, encouraging open lines of communication without accusation or aggravation.

a breadth of experience in the education sector

LeadGood has been an innovator in professionalism education for educators. Our familiarity with your concerns  — including faculty independence, public scrutiny, reliance on volunteers and government, and siloed compliance — means we know what it takes to lead effective compliance engagement from K-12 to Postdoc. Our ability to encourage nuanced discussions about misconduct leads to its prevention in the future.

what makes us different?


Organizations need compliance training and ethical leadership that moves hearts and minds and changes behavior. LeadGood Education delivers content that connects.


When it comes to value and impact, our entrepreneurial approach will make a significant difference for your organization.


Leverage our deep experience in compliance leadership and education, governance and operations, law, and EdTech.

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