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workshops for neuroinclusive leadership of ethics, compliance & organizational culture

LeadGood Education offers a series of workshops on neuroinclusion for compliance and HR teams, and for managers and executives, seeking to better understand, include, lead, and connect to their entire workforce. Each workshop includes specific action steps and recommendations to improve neuroinclusion.

Our workshops are 2-3 hours in length, and are available in-person, virtually, or asynchronously, and as a complete sequence, individually, or as part of a custom-designed program for your organization.

Our introductory overview. For any leader who wants to know more about the scope of neurodivergence and the opportunities in neurodiversity. Defines terms and level-sets to prepare any audience for our other, more specific workshops.

Understanding the dimensions of neurodiversity and neurodivergence in the workplace, including:

  • The basic vocabulary of neurodiversity
  • Business opportunities and challenges: A neurodiversity SWOT analysis
  • An overview of your obligations under the law
  • Principles of neuro-inclusion
  • Neurodivergence, training, and engagement, including an introduction to Universal Design

 For any leader who will need to advocate internally for neurodiversity and the resources to support it. Also good for team members who need a dollars-and-cents analysis to be convinced to support neurodiversity.

The in-depth business case for neurodiversity in the workplace, including:

  • Hiring and retaining neurodivergent workers for your organization in a tight labor market
  • How to better connect with your neurodivergent workforce to maximize worker satisfaction and productivity
  • Neurodiversity as a powerful component of corporate culture
  • The opportunities in including neurodiversity in your DEI and ESG programs

For HR and Compliance leadership

For law departments, disabilities offices, and senior management

Detailed strategies and tactics to address the compliance risks and legal challenges of neurodiversity, including:

  • Legal obligations of managers and employers, including the ADA and other regulation of employment and disabilities discrimination
  • The impact of those obligations on specific activities affecting the neurodivergent, from screening applicants, to high stakes testing, to “least effective worker” policies
  • Sensitive, effective and compliant approaches to management challenges, accommodations, PIPs, discipline and termination

For HR and Compliance leadership

For learning officers and departments, corporate trainers, and instructional designers

How your compliance and ethics programs fail to connect with 20% of your workforce, and detailed specifics on how to do much better, including:

  • Failures to communicate and engage, from the Code of Conduct to courseware to corporate policies
  • Applying Eight Mindsets for effective ethical leadership
  • Applying “Universal Design” and other instructional design best practices for neuro-inclusion.

For leaders and teams in:

  • Human resources 
  • Compliance and ethics
  • Quality assurance and quality control
  • Health and safety
  • Project and process oversight


How to prepare, present, and organize policies, handbooks, and SOPs for better engagement and adoption among today’s neurodiverse workforce, including:

  • Understanding the inherent limits to engagement in typical approaches to company policies and procedures
  • Identifying and mitigating the risks of limited adoption and understanding of critical instructions and processes
  • Applying “Universal Design” and other best practices to make policies and procedures more neuro-inclusive
  • Learning and offering alternative (but cost-sensitive) ways to present, organize, streamline, and harmonize policy information

Available for senior executives and C-Suite leaders
Or for managers and team leaders at all levels 

In this focused and comprehensive leadership workshop, learn how to better connect with the 20% of today’s workforce that is thought to be neurodivergent. 

  • Understand the scope of neurodiversity at work, the challenges and risks of managerial inattention, and the sound business reasons to promote neuro-inclusion
  • Learn the traits and perspectives of more common examples of neurodivergence
  • Apply more effective strategies and approaches to supervision, mentoring, discipline and improvement
  • Foster cultures of inclusion and excellence across your entire team and organization

Let our experts and colleagues work to help your team tackle its specific challenges related to neuro-inclusion.

A bespoke workshop aimed at the challenges and opportunities arising from workplace neurodiversity in your specific industry.

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