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Supporting Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Effective and ethical managers, compliance departments, and HR teams all share a critical mission: to elevate the behavior of teams and teammates and to empower every working individual to find fulfillment in their valued labor while doing the right thing. At LeadGood Education, that’s our mission too.

But on this mission, we cannot accept leaving 20% of the workforce behind.

At leading organizations, teams and managers are working to become more aware of the unique needs of neurodivergent workers. They want to better understand the characteristics commonly associated with this population through neurodiversity training and to employ strategies that effectively support and engage them for the benefit of the entire organization.

To Support our Shared Mission, LeadGood has Launched our NeuROInclusion™ Initiative.

Our initiative combines the best thinking in neurodiversity and neuro-inclusive practices with our decades of ground-breaking experience educating and engaging with working adults.

available individually or as a series, each focused on a different aspect of neuro-inclusion and neurodiversity training.

Auditing and Assessments

which deploy our research-based methodology and checklists to assess and benchmark the neuro-inclusivity of your organization’s education and engagement.

Educational Consulting

to help your teams integrate best practices in neuroinclusive instructional design and ensure your training fits the range of ways individuals learn and process information.

Coaching In-house Trainers & Education Teams

to empower more sensitive live learning and more effective asynchronous learning.

Bespoke Production

of compliance and ethics content, including creating or revising your company’s training, policies, and Code of Conduct.

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Check out our neuroinclusion workshops to help organizations better understand, include, lead, and connect to their entire workforce.

Then, schedule a consultation to discuss your organization’s unique needs.