elevating education

LeadGood Education is a compliance and ethics consulting company. We provide and empower education that is learner-centric, custom-fit, and truly effective. We elevate organizations, their compliance programs, and their teams.

what we do

We elevate behavior and reporting in the workplace with custom-fit education that empowers business success.

We elevate the education sector through compliance improvement and internal investigations.

We elevate the quality of your education and communication about compliance, ethics, governance, diversity, sustainability, and leadership.

what makes leadgood different?

If your organization has had limited success changing behavior with off-the-shelf training or the usual approaches, it's time to elevate the quality of your education.

See what sets LeadGood Education apart.

who we help

education sector

LeadGood broke new ground in compliance and professionalism training for educators and administrators. We apply that unique experience in the culture of schools and universities, and our range of capabilities, to improve compliance programs, conduct sensitive internal investigations, and engage educators in ethics.

business and non-profits

Our custom training is different and will make a difference for your company. Why? We’ve run businesses and teams. We apply entrepreneurial and agile approaches, including our “Eight Mindsets” and a razor-focus on value. And we obsess over every word, so your people will react to our courses with nods of agreement instead of nodding off, and realization instead of resentment.


We coach and train compliance teams to efficiently make their own effective training through a repeatable process. By helping organizations and working groups find their shared values, we collaborate toward your big goals, and help you come together as true teams.

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Reach out and let’s schedule time to talk about your organization, your needs, and how you can ‘lead good.’

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