If your compliance courseware and messaging isn’t effectively communicating your culture and core values to your team, try creating it yourself — with LeadGood’s guidance. Here’s why: no one knows your audience and its challenges like you do. You have the passion — so add the power to create your own compliance training to elevate your team’s behavior. LeadGood is here to facilitate its development.

produce your own in-house training

At LeadGood, we work to elevate behavior by providing tailor-made training with intentional words and messaging for your compliance programs. We’ll guide you through our repeatable process, allowing you to create your own in-house training. We believe in this “teaching a man to fish” approach because the result is often the most effective and rewarding — for your learners and for you.

offer cost-effective learner-centric training proven to hold your audience’s attention

Increase the effectiveness and salience of your training and save time and resources by creating micro-learning courses that speak to your audience’s specific desires. Though it sounds like a daunting task, it just takes a fresh mindset. LeadGood works with you to help effectively communicate to your audience “what’s in it for them.”

keep your team’s ethics and compliance education up to date

Keeping a library of courses, policies, and materials available to employees and up to date in the face of changes — events, regulations, and culture-related — is hard work that often gets delayed or pushed aside. As ethics and compliance education continues to constantly innovate, so should your program. Thankfully, LeadGood is here to help. We can independently assess your E&C education program, highlighting successes, providing benchmarks, and suggesting realistic improvements to elevate your results. We can also take over the maintenance of your library and materials to ensure currency, accuracy, salience, and relevance.

what makes us different?


Organizations need compliance training and ethical leadership that moves hearts and minds and changes behavior. LeadGood Education delivers content that connects.


When it comes to value and impact, our entrepreneurial approach will make a significant difference for your organization.


Leverage our deep experience in compliance leadership and education, governance and operations, law, and EdTech.

ready to learn more?

Reach out and let’s schedule time to talk about your organization, your needs, and how you can ‘lead good.’